Job Opportunities

Business Manager

Principal function: Managing the financial and building management activities of the church to support administration of the church.

Qualifications: Demonstrated knowledge of accounting methods, computer operation skills, management of budgets, ability to use and adapt to changing technology, ability to supervise and work with all types of people, good organizational skills, time management. Must be able to lift 25 lbs.
• Strongly Preferred: Familiarity with GAAP and church accounting (United Methodist Church), 5 years of experience in accounting
• Must pass background check

Responsibilities for position:

• Manage contributions in electronic format including member and administration reports, and collection method options.

• Oversee the meeting of expenses, tracking and payment of the expenses, including record keeping using accepted accounting standards.

• Payroll execution and management including required federal and state withholding and documentation.

• Establish and maintain special fund records including memorials, designated funds, short term fund management, and petty cash.

• Prepare monthly reports, asset monitoring, and year end reports including audit preparation.

• Assist in budget development, support the annual budget drive and consult with the finance committee as required.

• Office management including supervision of specified staff, check requests, operating budget responsibilities, and purchase of supplies and equipment.

• Building management including liaison for building use and Trustees, supervision of specified maintenance staff, contracting for maintenance issues, and monitoring insurance.

Immediate supervisor: Senior Pastor

Time expectations: Approximately 20 hours per week, some hours can be at home