COVID-19 Screening


We’re so happy to welcome people into our building again! Please take a moment to review the screening questions below.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 please fill out the anonymous form here.

If you are in a high risk group, I strongly encourage you to remain at home.
Please also do not come if you are experiencing any flu, or COVID symptoms such as fever, a new cough, or shortness of breath, or if you have been exposed to or could have been exposed to someone with COVID.

Our COVID team will continue to monitor conditions and will advise us about changes – either opening up more seating or moving back to online only – as appropriate. We plan to give the congregation at least seven days notice of any change.

You will be directed where to sit – either through assigned seating or directed by an usher. Please follow their instructions for everyone’s safety.

Masks will be required for all people over 5 years old. There are very few medical conditions that prevent someone from safely wearing a mask. Those same conditions put one at risk of COVID. So if you cannot wear a mask then it is best for you to stay home for now.

The congregation will enjoy the singing of our worship team but will not themselves sing. This makes worship feel a little different but it is an important safety precaution.