Adult Connect Hour

Old Mission values Christian Education and Spiritual Formation at Old Mission.  We have educational opportunities for everyone as well as study groups and weekly life groups.  These groups build relationship and community and help people to grow spiritually together.

Hanson Hall
This group offers presentations and discussions on a variety of subjects including Bible characters, history, social issues, world religion, and missions.

Bingham Chapel
This group aims to be thoughtful and examines many different issues including religion, cultural and social issues

Room 202
This group loves to discuss ideas in depth with a focus on, people of the Bible, contemporary issues, cultural roots of Christian tradition, Christianity in today’s world, and occasionally series that help us to examine and understand the ideas and values of other religious traditions besides our own.

Wesley Hall
This group covers lessons on a variety of topics ranging from Bible studies to contemporary issues and walk their faith journeys together learning from one another, sharing their joys, and supporting one another through everyday life.

Room 119/120
This group does discussion-oriented studies of Biblical and contemporary topics to help each other apply the lessons from the studies to their daily lives and use them to assist in their spiritual growth.

Second Act
Friday Evenings
This group explores contemporary topics and studies to help each other live out their Christian faith through-out the week.