A lot of people recognize Old Mission as "that beautiful stone church on Shawnee Mission Parkway".  Have you driven by?  At the heart of Old Mission, you'll find a welcoming community of believers who care - for each other, for those around us, and for God.  We invite you to come inside this Sunday!

Sunday Worship Schedule
8:30 - Traditional
9:45 - Contemporary
11:00 - Traditional



Summer Sermon Series (through July 5th)

 “Do.Something.KC” (Also our Vacation Bible School theme) 

If we love God, then we should love the things that God loves and, most of all, God loves people!  Join us for this series from I John 3, and Luke 10 about translating our Church purpose (Love God. Love people.) into practical ways to know and love KC, and the people of KC.  God created us to “Do Something,” not just talk about it.

5/31/2015                   I John 3:18-24                           “It Takes More than Words”
6/7/2015                     Luke 10:25-28                           “Love God. Love people.”
6/14/2015                   Luke 10:29-37                           “Do Something”


“Overhauling:  Bible Lessons from Classic Cars”

If you think about it, there are similarities in the process of classic car restoration and how God overhauls our lives from what they are to what he wants them to be.  On Father’s Day, when we kick off the series, those who have classic or vintage cars are invited to drive them to Church and show them off and share with one another.

6/21/2015                  Galatians 5:16-26                      “Overhauling: Check Under the Hood”
6/28/2015                  Matthew 23:23-28                    “Overhauling: Beneath the Paint Job”
7/5/2015                    Joshua 6 (selected verses)       “Overhauling: Getting Ready for Show”


Weekly Sermon Archive

     If you would like to review past sermons, refer to the Sermon Archive page for a complete listing.

May 23
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Meditation Room
May 25
Monday 7:00 PM
Fellowship Hall
May 26
Tuesday 8:30 AM

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